Women's Ministry

Womens Ministry

Women's ministry at Eastgate exists help women grow in their Christian faith, grow in their relationships and to serve each other. We know that this is happens though connection with the whole church family as well as time together as women to support our Sisters in Christ. Our ministry is focused on Reaching and Discipling, so our regular meetings seek to create a safe encouraging space for these things to happen. We hope that whatever stage of life you are in, we can join together as women centred on the Word of God to love Christ and our neighbour.

Community Groups

Eastgate values Community Groups, we see this as a place where people of God can meet in a more intimate way to live out our Christian identity. We want to see women connected into a community group where they can regularly study God's word, pray and share their life with their spiritual family. Currently all Eastgate Community Groups meet weekly, include both men & women, and are family friendly. This may seem like a strange place to start women's ministry, but we believe it starts with women being connected to the Church in a tangible way.

KYB (Know Your Bible)

Get together to study God's Word and pray! Held every fortnight during the school term, KYB follows a curriculum that takes the group through different books of the Bible throughout the year. We encourage everybody at Eastgate to be involved in a Community Group, however if you want additional time studying God's word or if you can't go out at night, then join with other ladies to get to Know Your Bible.

T2 (Titus 2 Women)

Taking the cue from Titus 2, T2 is women living life together and sharing "Godly Wisdom" over morning tea. They meet every fortnight during the school term where they connect by spending time sharing things about their life, encouraging others to keep going (even in the tough times!), and helping each other to follow Christ.

Social Events

We get together once a bi-monthly in a more casual social setting where we can build relationships and enjoy each others company. This is also an excellent space to bring along friends and non-Christians to meet Christian women in a less confronting environment. These events range from trivia nights, hikes, scavenger hunts, pampering afternoons to dessert nights. As we follow the Titus 2 example, school aged girls and younger girls are invited to several of the events in the year to help the relationships grow between the older and younger women. Sometimes we have combined ladies and men's events to build rapport and encourage one another.

Practical Ministry

We know women are an integral part of the part of the Church, and we seek to see them using their God-given talents, resources and spiritual gifts to serve Christ and His Body. Eastgate women are challenged to put what they have learned into practice and use it to serve others, both during Church gatherings and throughout the week. All are invited to participate alongside the blokes in the practical services of providing food for the sick & struggling, set-up/pack-up on Sundays, being part of the music team, helping on the audio-visual team and more. Women who commit to Eastgate and become members may also have the opportunity to teach other women or help with Children's ministry (Blue Card required). Eastgate wants to "Live the Word" by loving our neighbours in practical ways, such as helping people move house, having working bees at people's homes, even using our generosity and professional training to improve people's lives.