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Eastgate Bible Church in Toowoomba began in 2009 when a group of Christians sought to plant a new Gospel-Centred, Evangelical Church in Toowoomba.

The mission statement of Eastgate (as shown in the diagram below), is to "Know the Word, Live the Word, Proclaim the Word, for the Glory of the Name".

Eastgate Mission Statement

From the beginning, the ministry of the word of God, the Bible, (and especially the Gospel), has been at the heart of Eastgate's identity and practice. Just as we repeatedly see in the book of Acts, where the word increased, the church increased.

Our goal was never to be just another church amongst the many in Toowoomba. We hoped to establish a church where faith was living and active, and where a strong sense of loving community was evident. We didn't want to just be be a place that people attended on a Sunday, but a community of people who seek Jesus constantly.

We are an inter-denominational, evangelical, reformed church. When we call ourselves "inter-denominational", we mean that we are not committed to the beliefs, practices or governance of any one particular church denomination. Instead we are a community of believers from various church backgrounds who are united in a love for Jesus, the Gospel and the Bible. By "Evangelical" we mean that we are committed to the Bible as God's truth for all time and that the Gospel is the good news to be proclaimed at all times. By the term "reformed", we mean that we are committed to the Biblical beliefs that were again highlighted at the time of the reformation.

Although we don't belong to a traditional denomination we are a member of FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches - https://www.fiec.org.au/). FIEC is a network of like-minded, Gospel-centred churches throughout Australia.

10 Year Anniversary

The Elders (at the time) at the 10 Year Anniversary in 2019.
Pictured left to right: Ray Hawkins, Steve Adams, and Samuel Lindsay.