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When you become a Christian, you become part of the universal church. The "universal church" is a title given to describe the collective group of all believers of all time. One day, the universal church will all be gathered together around the throne of God. In the meantime, Christians should gather with, and belong to, a local church. This is where church membership comes in. Church membership isn't an exclusive club for elite Christians - far from it! Essentially church membership is means of formalising a believer's commitment to a specific local church (including its leaders) and the leadership of that church committing to providing oversight to that Christian's discipleship.

At Eastgate, membership is open to any adult (the age requirement is a government regulation) who has been part of our church community for at least 6 months. It is our hope that anyone who calls Eastgate their home church, would desire to become a member as an expression of their commitment to the church. To become a member, simply express your interest with any of the Elders.


The process of becoming a member looks something like this.

As a member


What Do They Entail?

Below is a summary of the content covered during the membership classes

Class #1

Class #2

Class #3

You can express interest in becoming a member of Eastgate Bible Church at any time. We hope to run membership classes 1-2 times each year and the video class teaching material can be made available at any time.