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GLO - God's Little Ones (Creche)


GLO - God's Little One's. We Love Kids! We want them to Know the Word, Live the Word and Proclaim the Word for the Glory of the Name.
This can start even from a very young age, so our time together is aimed at young children and helping them grow that little bit more in their faith. The leader of GLO is a Member of Eastgate Bible Church. Both the leader and helper/s have Queensland Government issued Blue Cards and have undergone the Eastgate Bible Church Child Safety Training and signed accepted our Child Safety policy. Parents are welcome to observe or accompany their children to GLO.


1. Water Bottle
2. NO Toys or Food


At GLO, we are signed in by our parents/caregivers and then come sit on the mat. Then we…

1. Welcome each other and sing the hello song
2. Sing songs that we are learning
3. Read a Bible story and talk about it
4. Pray together
5. Practice our memory verse
6. Do a colouring-in sheet related to our Bible story
7. Play with toys and each other
8. Pray, thanking God for our time together & for our church friends
9. Talk about the story we read earlier
10. Wait quietly for our parents to sign us out and collect us from GLO straight after church finishes.


Eastgate's Policy for Behaviour Management is to expect and encourage ‘first time obedience’. We understand that this can be a struggle for children, and that these children are in various stages of learning to listen and respond, so we will extend grace to the child in the form of three warnings to children old enough to understand. If the child refuses to obey after three warnings, the parent/caregiver will be contacted and asked to take their child out of GLO for appropriate parental discipline. This is both for the benefit of the disobedient child and reducing the disruptive impact on the other children. We know all kids take time to learn, so don't worry if we need to call you for behaviour management, we won’t think less of you or your child.


Please do not hesitate to ask the Children's Ministry Coordinator (Kerri) or any of the Elders (https://www.eastgatebiblechurch.com/leadership/). Or, call us on 0412 625 381.