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The meaning of the term "Gospel" is "Good News". As Christians we have the best news to share. Not only is the news good but it is good news for ALL mankind. It is the news of what God has done through Jesus Christ to save us from the consequences of our own sin, to restore us into a right relationship with God and to be given eternal life with Him.

Being a Christian doesn't make you elite or superior to anyone else. In fact, Christians are people who know they're not good enough and desperately need the saving grace of Jesus Christ. So our desire to share the good news isn't out of a sense of superiority but out of a deep seated love for our community and wanting them to hear and respond to the good news of the salvation that Jesus has made available. Nor is it our place to judge. In fact the Bible tells us to share the good news with gentleness and respect.

One of the basic tenets of Christianity is that disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ are called to make disciples (ie call others to follow Jesus). This loving concern for others should permeate all areas of our lives.

We have various evangelistic events and opportunities that occur throughout the year. As these arise, they will be added to the church calendar and displayed on this page.


Street Evangelism Team

There is now an endorsed Operation 513 street outreach team in the Toowoomba area. This is headed up by Doug Espie and there are also a number of our church members are involved in these events. This group is open for anyone to join.

For updates on the Toowoomba team, go to http://www.operation513.com/battlelog/team/19/